Customer Agreement

This agreement is considered a contract between the customer and Here The Future Company for Information Technology and it applies to all customers and users, and both parties must abide by it.

It is strictly forbidden to file files that violate Islamic law and the policy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and if this occurs, the service will be permanently suspended without any responsibility on the company.

Here The Future Company undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of customer information as an essential part of the company's system and policy.

Communication with us is through emails or via phones on the Contact Us page, and we have nothing to do with it.

With any distributor who claims to be from the company, there are no distributors for the Here The Future, and we have nothing to do with any e-mails, even if they bear the name of the company.

The national identity is the basic document to prove ownership of the membership in which the service is added, and accordingly it is required when a customer is lost or requested to amend the membership of the customer.

If the customer wants to assign the service to another person, he must submit a request through the email.

You must deal in a decent manner with the company's work team, otherwise this will expose you to stopping the service.

If Here The Future Company receives a complaint, against any information, whether it is related to hosting or domains, and believes that what is in the complaint deserves to be investigated, the service is suspended, and the parties to the litigation are informed, until the subject of the allegation is resolved.

Here The Future Company does not bear the damages resulting from natural disasters such as hurricanes, disconnection of communication wires, fires, or everything like that.

The customer is responsible for protecting his data from theft or loss.

The customer is responsible for the service that he requests, and if his need is not sufficient, the responsibility falls on him, and he can upgrade before the invoice due date by a period of not less than one week.

When the customer submits a request for the requested service, he becomes bound by this agreement in the event that it is read or not read, and he is not entitled in any case to request a refund of the paid money.

Here The Future Company is obligated to send notifications to the registered email no less than a week before the service renewal date.

The Future Hana Company is not obligated to provide (preserving the rights of the idea) because it is not legally recognised and it is not possible to prove the preservation of the idea in fictitious contracts “before the agreement”. Through the local or international institutions specialised in this field to preserve patents, ideas and trademarks.

The previous clauses are the general terms for all services, sub-clauses for each service are split from them, and the customer is bound by the agreement for the requested service.